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Submission Deadline: 31 August

Oldenburg 4-6 October 2016

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Submission Deadline approaching

Submissions that relate to the [ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_oldenburg/#8e6d6209018be25c6 ]Workshop Scope and one or more of the [ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_oldenburg/#8e6d6209018be25c6 ]Workshop Themes are invited by the deadline: August 31, 2016. You are encouraged to [ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_oldenburg/submission/ ]submit your proposal earlier than August 31 to support a speedy evaluation of your proposal sooner and enhance your possibility to register early in time.
Full text submissions must be in English, with careful language, spelling and grammar check. You are invited to send a 10-15 line summary, included in the file of your proposal, separately titled as 'Abstract'. Authors are also expected to indicate how their research topic is related to the proposed framework of research areas (see workshop themes).

Contributions received will be continuously evaluated and authors informed accordingly.

Calling Early Researchers! Win A Free Registration to EDEN’s 2017 Annual Conference in Jönköping, Sweden

[Image]Beginning with the EDEN RW9 in Oldenburg, we will be holding an “elevator pitch” competition for early researchers working in the field of open, distance, and online learning. For this competition, we are asking that early researchers prepare a 3-minute elevator pitch and poster that will be used to convince EDEN delegates of the need and/or importance of research on their specific topic. (Research topics should relate to the workshop theme and to open, distance, and/or online learning.) This 3-minute elevator pitch will be presented at a special session during EDEN RW9, where early researchers will “pitch" their research ideas and topics to workshop delegates. These 3-minute elevator pitches will be judged by a special EDEN committee made up of the EDEN vice-president of research, Wim van Petegem, Ulrich Bernath, and the EDEN Secretary General.
Three winners will be selected and awarded a free registration to the next EDEN Annual Conference in Jönköping, Sweden (June 13-16, 2017). Winners will then be required to conduct research on their topic over the months leading up to the conference. At the EDEN Annual Conference in Sweden, they will present the latest results of their research in the form of a research paper. Winners of the elevator pitch competition will be announced at the awards dinner on Wednesday, October 5.
In preparation for the elevator pitch competition, we will hold a special session prior to the competition, where early researchers can engage and consult with EDEN fellows about their research ideas and their elevator pitch. This one-hour workshop will be held on the afternoon of October 4th, before the official start of the EDEN RW9.
To participate in the research-in-process elevator pitch competition:

1, Prepare a poster submission that describes the research idea/topic you will explore in your research. Here it will be important to demonstrate the importance/relevance of your planned research in the field of open, distance, and online learning. Submission guidelines for posters can be found on the [ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_oldenburg/#5b3c337e1916420e9 ]EDEN RW9 page.
2, Submit your research idea/topic as a poster. Please write "ELEVATOR PITCH" at the end of your poster title.
3, Join the EDEN Fellow and student researcher exchange and advising session at the EDEN RW9 (afternoon of October 4).
4, Present your elevator pitch for your research idea/topic at the EDEN RW9.

If you have questions about the competition, please get in touch with the [ mailto:oldenburg@eden-online.org ]Conference Secretariat.

Sponsorship opportunities

EDEN is offering sponsorship packages linked to the event. For further details about sponsorship, please consult the [ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_oldenburg/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Spo... ]Sponsorship Brochure and get in touch with the [ mailto:oldenburg@eden-online.org ]Conference Secretariat.

Registration open

The EDEN Secretariat is taking care of the registration for the Research Workshop. Please visit the [ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_oldenburg/registration/#form ]Online Registration Form to join the event.
[ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_oldenburg/registration/ ][Image]
The registration fee will include access to all conferencefacilities, the electronic Conference Proceedings, the Welcome Cocktail, lunches and refreshments during the conference days, not including pre- and post-conference programmes. The fee does not include accommodation and the conference dinner.
Authors of contributions accepted for presentation can benefit from a reduced fee.

All attendees (presenters or audience) are required to register by completing the form and arranging their respective payments.
Knowing how important continuous professional development is nowadays, EDEN wishes to cater to your needs. The foreseen selection of training sessions will include short courses about creating animations to support your teaching and the design and issuing of open badges.

Logo Design Contest

[Image]Since the announcement of the EDEN Logo Design Contest in July, a number of creative participants already stepped up to the challenge and submitted new concepts and ideas for the Association's graphic representation. The submission deadline is the 10th of September, so there is still time to join the competition. The designer of the winning artwork could be granted free participation at the 2017 EDEN Annual Conference or receive a 500€ prize money. Read more about the contest [ http://www.eden-online.org/2016_budapest/logo-contest/ ]here.
Conference Schedule and Deadlines

Submissions: 31 August 2016
Registration: open
Notification of authors: early September 2016
Conference dates: 4-6 October 2016

Visit the Oldenburg State Theatre

The dome of the Oldenburg State Theatre has been part of the city's skyline since 1893. The building is of Neo-Baroque design, and although it has undergone some changes, its essence has been retained.

Three theatres are housed under its roof. In addition to the impressive Grosses Haus with 827 seats, in October 1998 the curtain first rose in the Kleines Haus which seats 350. In the season of 2001/2002, a small studio theatre, the Spielraum with seating for 70, also came into being.
The programme of the Oldenburg State Theatre is coloured by a high-quality, classic repertoire of operas, operettas, musicals, plays, dance performances and concerts as well as its commitment to the artistic avant-garde. Premieres and debut performances are regular features on the State Theatre's programme.

The 9th EDEN Research Workshop is the initiative of EDEN supported by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union

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